2D 3D 4D: Collected Artwork (1975-2012)

Publication: 2D 3D 4D: Collected Artwork (1975-2012)

Holography is associated in the public mind with end-of-pier enter tainments, waxworks, funfairs, dungeons, Star Wars, cult religions and credit cards. In the artistic pecking-order, it’s filed somewhere just below Victorian spirit photography. Martin Richardson has been forcefully promoting the medium and raising its game—through his catalogues, exhibitions, and now this book 2D 3D 4D.

Andy Warhol, with his twin interests in celebrity and in the work of art during the age of mass reproduction, predictably saw the technology’s apotheosis as having “anybody famous that you want sitting right next to you...”. Martin Richardson wants much more than this from his chosen medium.

—Sir Christopher Frayling

Download a PDF of 2D 3D 4D: Collected Artwork (1975-2012)
(120 pages, 20mb, publisher: Martin Richardson, London)