The Prime Illusion (Chinese translation)

Publication: The Prime Illusion (Chinese translation)

Modern Holography is an emerging technology which offers the opportunity of substituting the conventional two-dimensional with the third-dimension of space, usurping our perception of the real in ways previously impossible.

The alternative modern holography offers industry may be compared with the role of electronic circuits and microprocessors held at the beginning of the 60s as an alternative to the electronic valve. Mass-produced Holographic Optical Elements are starting to replace micro-lens arrays, and Holographic Phase Memory is poised to replace standard magnetic hard-drives. We are about to start our journey into The Age of Photonics.

The extreme reality of modern holography challenges our understanding of what we mean by "real" yet its essential ambiguity is as unsettling in its verisimilitude as it is reassuring in our post McLuhan age of "virtual reality" experiences, "reality TV" spectacles and "celebrities" because audiences aren’t intrigued by technology, they are more concerned with fantasy.

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