Holograms (Travelling Works)

Publication: Holograms (Travelling Works)

Extract from Growing Through the Vacuum of Photography

The triangle cut-out was lying in the corner of the studio the afternoon I visited his studio for my portrait. At Martin's suggestion I had brought along some props of my own choosing and from these we selected a couple to work with, but perhaps as a way of warming up, perhaps in recognition of the voyeuristic side of my nature, the first pose we tried was for me to crouch behind the sheet of card and stare through the triangular keyhole. Of course the eye in the pyramid appears on the American banknote amongst other places representing the All- Seeing Eye of God, and The Dictionary of Symbols tells me that "In its normal position with the apex uppermost it also symbolises fire and the aspiration of all things towards the higher unity …" but as Martin once told me that "… at the end of the day I just use it because I find it is an exciting shape, it is a form that never seems to bore me and always seems to suggest an infinite number of compositional variations", it would seem that the possible symbolic interpretations are equally infinite

The execution of this pose was a matter of minutes, the card was returned to its corner and we moved on to the next prop, a Burmese Buddha I had brought with me. This was a more conventional shot, 30's studio stuff I would say, dramatic lighting in the manner of Horst - I hoped I would look like the famous portrait of Noel Coward with the Egyptian Cat-God. … A couple of versions of this pose and Martin was moving on to the next set-up.

- Jonathan Ross, June 1991

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