Bewitched, the Illusion of Tissue

Publication: Bewitched, the Illusion of Tissue

This catalogue celebrated the exhibition “Photography Bewitched”, Martin's fourth solo exhibition Bewitched, the Illusion of Tissue, held at the Royal Photographic Society, Bath, 1990.

The holograms in this exhibition originated from a specific type of holography, known as ‘Pulsed’. The technology of pulsed holography can record, three-dimensionally, virtually anything. Portraits of living things, dancers, wildlife, splashing water etc, in a dramatic and astounding way.

The accompanying essays attempted to illuminate the often contradictory nature of the medium, a trait which both hides and increases the natural ambiguity of the holographic image.

Christopher Frayling, author and Professor of Cultural History at the Royal College of Art wrote the forward, the author Graham Saxby provided the essay ‘The Craft of Pulsed Holography’, with the essay ‘The Illusion of Tissue’ provided by Martin.

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